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Sequence 01.Still006Hey and Welcome to Follow Deborah .com  — I am glad you are here because I have a story to share with you.

I am a former teacher and school system administrator.  During my teaching career, I taught business courses to high school students.  My big emphasis to them was that it wasn’t necessary how smart you were that enabled you to be successful but it was how hard you worked and how loyal of an employee you are.  I encouraged my students to go to college because at the time, if you had a college degree, it actually made a difference!  If students were more oriented in a trade, then I encouraged them to go to a technical college and learn the trade.  After all, plumbers, electricians, and tradesmen were making a lot more money than those of us teaching!

That was true then but is not true today!  We all know how this economy has changed our world.

If I had it to do all over again, this is what I would be telling my students.

Go to college for two reasons:  (1) You want to go to college or (2) the career you have chosen requires a college degree.

Go to  a technical college if you want to be a tradesman but be careful about the trade you choose.  Those who were in the construction industry trades really fell hard with the construction industry crashed.

I would tell everyone to look at a Plan B — Look at becoming an online marketing entrepreneur.  There is one thing we learned from the economic crash that started in the mid 2000’s was “You Need a Plan B!”

Of course, online marketing was not an option at the time I was teaching, but it is a very good option today.  People can literally “create wealth” by giving value to others — by helping others succeed.  I think it was Zig Ziglar who said something to the effect that “You can get everything you want if you help other people get everything they want.”

Okay, enough about that soap opera  — let me tell you some more about who I am.

I come from a working family.  We had–and still have today–a family restaurant.  If any of you have ever been in the restaurant business, you know what hard work it really is.  Well, there were five of us.  I have two brothers and two sisters. We all worked there growing up.  Today, we all still work there!  It is called Henderson’s Restaurant and our specialty is catfish–even though we have some awesome fried chicken.  We are also famous for our hushpuppies and our cole slaw.  My mom is still sitting at that register as you can see here!

As I said, there are five of us and among us, we have 14 children, and among them, we have 23 grandchildren!  So we are a pretty big family.  The amazing thing is that we all live within 10 miles of each other except for two nephews, who are not married, and they live about 40 miles away–one in Athens and one in Atlanta.  The good thing about our family is that we all live close by…..the bad thing about our family is that we all live close by!!!  I’m sure some of you can relate to that.

Why in the world did I get started in Internet Marketing?

Well, it’s pretty simple really.  I was fascinated by what I knew people were making online.  I figured if they could do it, so could I.  The problem was I didn’t know anything about how it worked.  So I set out and started buying a bunch of products to learn….What happened?  I got on information overload and became so frustrated trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together that after a few months, I quit!  I decided it was a scam and only the “gurus” could make money online.  So for about a year, I didn’t do anything else to learn how to make money online.

Then about a year later, I got the “”bug” again and decided I could do this.  I was reading about too many people who were making money.  It was about the time that Jonathan Budd ….Well I tell my story here, if you want to listen to it.

Bottom line is that I stuck with it and I learned.  It only happened when I quit trying to listen to everybody and focused on one person that I connected with and that was Matt Lloyd.  I tell a little about Matt Lloyd and what drew me to him in this video.

Bottom line is I have earned a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and to Costa Rica.  In Cabo, I am meeting with some of the most famous marketers–mixing business with pleasure in an all expense paid for two (once I get there!).  In Costa Rica, I will be meeting with “financial gurus” who will be helping us protect our money and sharing the best ways to invest and keep more than we pay in taxes!!!  Can’t wait for that one!!!

So if you are interested and want to see what got me on the right track, just go right here and get started today


By the way, I live in Covington GA and if you would like to give me a call and talk, my number is 678-469-8338.  If I don’t answer, just leave me a brief message ad I will call you back.

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