Home Business Summit – They Said What?

I attended the Atlanta Home Business Summit and provided training on Facebook Marketing. While at the Home Business Summit in Atlanta, I decided that I would do some impromptu interviewing of five of the attendees.

You can see all five interviews below.

Now remember, these were impromptu and this is not a professional video-taped interview.  It was just me with smart phone and a lapel microphone that I held in my hand.  I just wanted some feedback.

Click HERE to watch all five videos.  To watch all of them is no more than about 10 minutes.

Be sure to watch them all.  It may help you decide if you want to attend our next Home Business Summit.

Details of our next Home Business Summit can be found HERE Continue reading Home Business Summit – They Said What?

What is a Pattern Interrupt and When Do You Need One?

A pattern interrupt can be one that occur either intentionally or unintentionally.  They can move your forwards or move you backwards.  They can make you happy or make  you sad.

We have no control over pattern interrupts in our lives such as when a loved one passes, but we can intentionally create a pattern interrupt to take us from a sad place to a happier place regardless of the circumstances.

People are always creating pattern interrupts and may not realize it.  For instance, a decision to go to the gym and get a membership and start working out is a pattern interrupt.  It occurs because someone has gotten tired of being unhealthy or out of shape and decides to interrupt that pattern of “not working out” or “not eating healthy.”

Why I Need a Pattern Interrupt Right Now?

You see I used to walk about 4 – 6 miles at least 5 days a week.  Now, I am not walking any.  I am finding that I am snacking on a lot more candy since I quit walking.  I feel that my clothes are tighter.

I definitely need a pattern interrupt.  I need to change what I am doing– i.e., interrupt my current pattern with a new one.

I set my clock for 6 a.m. to get up and go walk.  I’ve called my neighbor and we are going to walk together.  So, now I have to get up and go walk even if I don’t want to because she will be waiting on me.  So an accountability partner is always good when you need to create a pattern interrupt.

My Pattern Interrupt About Two Years Ago

When I retired, I knew that I wanted to have more fun in my retirement life than I did in my working career.  After all, I would have so much more time on my hand to do a lot more traveling, shopping, etc.  In fact, I would have a lot more time to spend with my grandkids and that always means spending more money.

I realized I had a problem.  My money was not going to keep up with my spending.  Retirement income was not enough.

I needed a Plan B!  So I started searching online and that is when I found MOBE, My Online Business Education.

You know how many Internet systems sold today tell you how easy it is to make money on the Internet but they offer hardly any personal support–leaving everyone feeling frustrated, exhausted, and broke?


Well, MOBE is an online business education system put together by Matt Lloyd who was tired of watching this and he and his partners give you hands on help making their success depending upon your success.  They will even call your potential customers and do all the sales for you so that everyone feels taken care of and appreciated.

Well, that was my pattern interrupt that has since taken me on some amazing journeys.

If you want to get started with the same pattern interrupt that I did, you can go to http://getmttbonus.info and get started today.  It’s only $49 to learn how to get $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions deposited directly into your bank account PLUS you can learn how you can travel to some of the most exotic locations around the world for free!

Watch Me On You Tube….  What is a Pattern Interrupt and When Do You Need One?

You can always call me at 678-469-8338 and I will be glad to talk with you.

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Who Gets Left Behind?

The following posts is from my great friend, Shaqir.  He did such an eloquent job sharing his heart that I wanted to share it with you.  I have made some corrections in grammar.   I don’t think Shaq would mind.


Did you miss Titanium ? You gotta read this…

My appreciation message & a quick note : You know… don’t get left behind, you’ll know as you read this….

There was once a time when I  started my online business and my friends and family would make fun of me.  I was constantly in a state of overwhelm and struggle….

I would chase each new shiny opportunity, the latest whiz-bang thing of the week – until i made a commitment to get into “High Ticket”…

I had gone to an event after paying $2,000 for a program and then invested $20,000 of someone elses money to get into their highest level…

Because of that one decision right now I have now built various different million dollar businesses at the age of 26.

With MOBEIi’ve generated a cool $800,000 in commissions in around 8-9 months and the best thing is that “NEW. AVERAGE. NON GURU” people are finally creating a staggering income using MOBE…


TITANIUM WAS ONE OF THE BEST ( I don’t use profanity so removed)  EVENTS OF MY LIFE!!!

I’m sure this event was worth / is going to be worth around an EXTRA $1 MILLION alone for my business in the next 3-6 months…

I’ve made such great new connections, friends, relationships and joint ventures….

and I’m excited by all this, Matt’s vision to become a billion dollar company is real. He has the focus, drive and commitment to making it happen,

I want to encourage each and EVERY SINGLE one of you to be taking committed action to :

1) Getting positioned.
2) Getting to events.
3) Making it happen.

If you aren’t positioned to maximize your commissions, get in touch with your coaches today to see how they can help you get set up, talk to them about the NEW version of MOBE’s VISION and see what you can do….

Because MOBE is going places, and I am a CAPITALIST! (my insert here is that I am proud of being a capitalist because it allows people to take control of their own destiny and not depend on government!)

And with John Chow, Darren Salkeld, Bill & Michelle, Carolina and all the other top earners will be capitalising on this for the cashfloiw -for the education – for the investment – so i want to tell you this…


NOW IS THE TIME to step it up…

NOW IS THE TIME to create a game-plan…

NOW IS THE TIME to commit to being your best self…

NOW IS THE TIME to get ALL IN so you make more money in the next
12 months than you have in the last 12 years….

It’s time for you to own your power, your greatness, get paid what you truly deserve.  I met so many people having breakthroughs, enjoying amazing experiences, I was like a big kid in this waterpark.

I’m very grateful and blessed….

Matt Lloyd thanks for all you do. I know you are always striving to do the best you can…

Thank you.

Thanks to Laurel & Glynnis for the event organizations.

Big THANKS to some guys who are always grinding behind the scenes – the amazing, skillful, talented Phone Coaches Raena Lynn Drew Innes Tiji Thomas @Pierre Mike Lee Max Aria Jeremy Miner & everyone else…

Here’s a few cool pics – the HBS London event is confirmed – will post details later….


I hope you enjoyed reading those words from Shaq.  I chose to post them because Shaq said it so well and it is so true.

If you are ready to get started right now, there are two ways.

1.  Go ahead and start the 21 steps to learning how to make top tier commissions….$1K,  $3K and $5K — You could have one buyer and from that one buyer in one day, you could earn $9,000.  How would your life changed if you made $9000 in one day?

No worries either because not only do you get the 21 steps that are easy to follow, you also get your own personal coach to help you set up your business PLUS you get a phone team working for you to make those $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions for you.  You never have to call anybody!   I am NOT a salesman and that is what I love about MOBE.  I don’t have to cold call anyone or bug my family and friends.  I just advertise online and let the system work for me.

Matt treats his business partners very, very well! — especially those who are serious.

LEARN MORE about My Top Tier Business — Oh, it’s only $49 to get started and it is 100% refundable if it is not a good fit for you.


2. Some people just want a little more information before they get started.  I co-authored a 71-page ebook with Matt Lloyd called “Online Profits Breakthrough.”  It has tons of information in it about making money online.  You can get this ebook for $9.95 and if you don’t think it is worth every bit of that, let me know and I will refund your money.

LEARN MORE about Online Profits Breakthrough Ebook that Deborah and Matt wrote that will answer all your questions.

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From ZERO to $200,000 and What It Took

These are words from the heart of Zach Crawford.…who just received his $100,000 ring from Matt Lloyd (he has made over $200,000) in commissions using MTTB.

I remember the day I came into this business and I seen everyone who was making incredible amounts of money

I was completely blown away by what’s possible and the incredible amounts of money people made.

I remember thinking how amazing it would be and what it would be like one day to provide my family a nice lifestyle and have lots of money in the bank.

I got excited and was super excited about starting a business and then…..
during the process I went through the school of hard knocks. I bounced around like most people often do in this industry, bought lots of products and failed over and over again.

Eventually I learned how the business worked, I learned how important it was to surround myself with higher level people and to learn by doing.

Today I received a ring for recognition of doing $200,000 in commissions.
Really the ring is not what I’m writing to you about today.

Instead I want you to stretch your vision, to think bigger and demand more for yourself.

If you have a dream, if you have a desire to do more, to achieve more and to live your purpose then don’t let anyone come in the way of that goal.

I knew early on if someone else could do it, then so can I.

Now once I get home from the Bahamas do you think I’m going to take a break and say I made it?

Nope, I’m now on a mission to do 1 million in commissions to get the million dollar ring.

It’s not because I want a flashy ring because truth be told I’m not really the type of guy who wears rings or a rolex.

It’s a symbol of success, a symbol of the hard work you put in and how far you can stretch yourself to achieve more.

The only thing that separates me from you is just a few things.

Desire– You HAVE to want to succeed more than anything else you do. It needs to be your burning desire.

Consistency– If you want to reach a certain level of success you have to stay in the game and remain consistent.
Successful people don’t just do things when they want to or when they feel good. They do them because they know the little things now will all add up to a big thing later.

Work ethic- Don’t be fooled by thinking you will get rich overnight. To build a successful business it takes hard work, but it’s totally worth it.

Sacrifice now and reap massive results later.

Passion- If you’re not doing what you love then you’re wasting your time.
For me I enjoy helping other people. I stumbled into this whole internet marketing thing originally because I wanted to make money, but I found my passion in helping others.

The more I help others the more money I make with all of my online businesses.

Have fun– Don’t get so hung up on making money that you forget to have fun.

Learn to love marketing and enjoy the process of learning. I’m a giant sponge.
I love every minute of this and the more I learn the better.

If you’re not having fun you will not go very far.

So if you’re just getting started, you’re struggling or you’re trying to gain traction in your business I will leave you with this…..

You have your breakthrough moment when you decide to become successful.

Then you find the vehicle(business model) and you combine that with surrounding yourself with the right people and higher level marketers and things start to get fun.

If you’re not getting to events because you don’t have the money, don’t think it’s needed or you think it’s not worth it then it’s time you change your thinking.

Find the money, leave the ego at the door and get to events to start learning and surrounding yourself with the right people.

I found my vehicle(Mobe) and now I will be working on scaling this to the Million dollar level.

Stretch your mind to whats possible for you and you will truly amaze yourself.

Zach Crawford

You can start with the same amazing vehicle that ZACH started with just by clicking right HERE

Insider Secrets of “Online Profits Breakthrough”

By now you probably know that I have co-authored an Ebook with my friend and business partner, Matt Lloyd.

The name of the Ebook is “Online Profits Breakthrough.”

“Online Profits  Breakthrough is over 70 pages of “insider” secrets that you need to know about how people really do make money online.

Why is this important?

One astounding statistic is that 97% of the people who start an online business NEVER  make any money.

My Ebook will show you what the other 3% do that makes them money.


The answer will depend solely on whether you want to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM, or not

Having a wish and taking action to achieve your goal are two different things. A lot of people desire to be the next internet millionaires with success stories to share. They want to live life on their own terms and spend quality time with their family.

Unfortunately, not very many people really have what it takes to grow a six figure business. Most people just make excuses and blame others for the lack of opportunities to get rich quick. Those who are willing to do the work, only a handful of them actually know the steps to begin.

They’re confused and helpless. Are you one of such persons?

This Blueprint will transform your life. If you’ve been struggling to build a lifestyle that others can copy, you need to read this book.

If you look at this critically, then you will see there are basically three steps to making six-figure income online:

«Your ability to act on what you learn

«Having a clear action path to follow

«Promoting a High-Ticket Products

Looks simple, huh?

But seriously, is it possible to escape the 9 to 5 grind, work smarter in what you love and build a profitable online business?


“You’ll discover how simple winning the online business game is, especially when you learn from top MOBE earners. If you want to build a system that nets you more money than what you ever imagined, read this book from start to finish.”

GET  your copy of “Online Profits Breakthrough” for just $9.95.  Hurry since we have limited copies– Click HERE

As soon as you order your copy, be sure to send me an email at drobertson@mindspring.com or call me at 678-469-8338 and let me know that you are ready to become one of the 3% who make a ton of money online!  I will have some special bonuses for you, too!








The Reality of Doing Business Online

Studies have shown that the chance of success at building a building online is 3%. Can you imagine that? If gurus tell you that internet marketing is easy and a shortcut to wealth, they’re lying to you and I think you should have known the truth by now.

It’s all hard work, friend…!

Truth is if you decide to learn all the marketing strategies by yourself, it could take years and tens of thousands of dollars in investment. Even at that, there is no guarantee you’ll excel at it.

  1. Do you know the biggest misconception of the Internet marketing industry that only 3% (the top earners) know about? We reveal it to you so you can join the top earners.
  2. Do you know the 4 Main Leverage Points that can transform your business into a multiple six-figure income source?
  3. Do you want to know the single reason why you’re not making as much money as you could in your online business?

The harsh reality you’ll get to know in the internet marketing industry is that failures are littered on every nook and cranny.

Yet, you get a bunch of emails with BIG promises to make you a millionaire within the shortest possible time. No one is going to tell you the truth, because they are concerned about your money.

Even if we tell you the truth, you may not believe us, so, we quite understand your situation right now.

And if you are still imagining what it would take to succeed online with your own business, take a tour with a typical Internet Marketer.

Here’s The Typical Journey of an Internet Marketer…

Let’s talk about Fred. On a good day, Fred is browsing the Internet. And suddenly, a flash banner popped out from the side of the website and catches his attention… the ad says:

“Last Month, I Earn $6,000 per day From Home. Do you want to earn yours? Click here quickly to get started”

Excited about this opportunity, Fred clicked the banner & purchased the product. He’s very excited, and expecting to become rich anytime soon. So he starts spending an hour a day in front of his computer, working on his business. He sets up his first blog using wordpress… he starts writing some articles because he was told that’s the way for beginners to get some traffic… he learns what an email auto responder is.

Few days later, he started to play around with affiliate marketing. At this stage, Fred’s wife and friends think he’s bought into some ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and don’t really think he’ll ever make money with it, but let him go. A few jokes are told… but Fred is determined that this is going to work. When he wakes up in the morning, he’ll head straight to his blog and write some more articles, and maybe try to get few links here and there. So, he keeps plugging away.

But soon, Fred starts to get a little overwhelmed. There’s just so much to learn and do.
He has to figure out how to set up a WordPress blog… how to do FTP… how to set up an email auto responder. Then, he has to figure out how to drive traffic – PPC, CPA, PPV, newsletter marketing, joint ventures, article marketing, SEO, reciprocal links…

You know having so much to do at once can get you discouraged, which is why Fred starts to feel a bit down. His family and friends believes he can’t make any money, because he’s been tricked and his money taken.

After several months, Fred is still struggling to make any money from this business. And is now starting to think his family is right. The worst thing is that if Fred had known what was involved in the first place, he would never have signed up.

Fast forward to 6 months, Fred has yet to make a dime online and is angry, unsatisfied and feels like a failure. He’s lost the most precious resource to him – time and money and is ready to call it quits.

I told you earlier that mere wish will NOT make you rich or bring you out of internet marketing struggle. What you need is to TAKE ACTION in the right direction. From the example given, Fred had good intentions and even took some action – even though the actions were not IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Perhaps you can relate to Fred? If you can, I’ve got some bad news for you – If you keep doing what you’re doing and don’t make any changes, you’ll continue to stay stuck.

Like I said, 97% of people in Internet marketing don’t make money, and that’s because they’re focusing on all the wrong things.

What are you going to focus on instead? It’s a choice you MUST make right now – whether to follow the same advice that Fred followed, or seek for a MODEL that has produced hundreds of six-figure income earners in less than 12 Months.

Before you spend a dime on any affiliate program or “get rich quick” scheme that someone may be trying to pitch you to buy, you must read the truth about making money online.

You can get your “Online Profits Breakthrough” book here that will tell you why people who are making tens of thousands a dollars a month are really doing….and what they are NOT doing.

The good news is — It’s high time you stop wishing for financial freedom. You’ve got to make up your mind to take a hold of  it because it’s POSSIBLE.

Find out how you can discover your financial freedom in “Online Profits Breakthrough.”

You can get your copy of “Online Profits Breakthrough” right HERE for just $9.95.  If it doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about how an online business can bring you financial freedom, then let me know and I will refund you your $9.95

Million Dollar Sales Funnel Explained…..


In this video Matt Lloyd explains what a million dollar sales funnel looks like.

As you’ll hear him candidly say, a good sales funnel should ideally have more offers / products than your best customers can buy.

Most marketers drastically underestimate how much people will spend with them, IF the value is there, and IF they are making additional offers.

Now of course, no customer will keep coming back to you for more (especially when we’re talking about transactions in the thousands of dollars and beyond) if they didn’t get value on your first products.

So you need to make sure they are having a really good experience on your front end products (and all products for that matter), for them to feel comfortable taking things to the next level.

When I look around at other marketers in the home business industry, I cannot help but feel bad for them with how much potential revenue they are leaving on the table, because they don’t have a good back end process in place.

Most are making less than a third of what they should be making!

And a lot of their customers WANT them to sell them more valuable programs as well.

If you think you might be one of these marketers, you’ve got 2 choices:

1.) Go build a good, solid back end.
2.) Leverage someone elses – like MOBEs.

In my biased opinion, MOBE has the best back end sales process in our industry. You can add it into your product mix by starting HERE

Why The Answer is Always “No”

The answer is  always NO…..

Question:  Can I start an online business without any start-up or ongoing costs? 

My Response:  Can you start a successful offline business without any start up costs?

A legitimate online business is just like an offline business, it takes start-up money.  I’m sorry but I really get tired of the question and to me, it is a no brainer.

Regardless whether you are offline or online with your business, you need to have products, services, or training to sell.  You either create your own or you license to sell someone else’s products, services, or training. 

If you don’t already have “something” you can sell online, it takes time to create.  Either way, expect to spend some money to get started.

After you have determined what you are going to sell, you need to advertise.  In an online business, just like with an offline business, you can use some free advertisement or you can use paid advertisement.  Now, which will get you money sooner in either business–paid advertisement.

So, when I get asked, “Can I do what you do without spending any money?”  The answer is NO. 

The thing is that  people wait until their situation is desperate to consider other options.  The time to consider other options is before you get desperate!  — before you  lose a job, before you retire, or  before you get furloughed.  You just need to get your Plan B! 

Plus, have you thought about retirement.  Getting started with an online business will certainly set you on the right path to having a passive and residual income stream when you retire.

I recommend that you go ahead and start working towards your online business.

I am a partner with a company that will provide that training and show you exactly what it takes to make $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions selling products.   The products that allow me to earn my biggest commissions are masterminds at exotic locations around the world. 

The funny thing is that I DON’T actually do the selling.  My company has a professional phone team that will contact my prospects for me and make those sales.  I just benefit by getting the commissions.  I work on my business everyday and I use both free and paid advertising methods.

You see if you are like me and don’t like to sell, then you need to be sure you connect with a company that has a phone team that will make sales for you!!!

I love this industry.  I have met some of the most amazing people from all over the world that I still stay in touch with today. 

Online marketing was never on my radar until 18 months  ago.  Since then, I have amazed myself at what I have learned and what I can do., and how much money I have made.   

You don’t have to know anything to get started.  I knew absolutely nothing about this industry when I got started. 

I just knew that people were successful and I had enough belief in myself that I can do anything with my “whatever it takes” attitude. 

If you have that same attitude , then I recommend you start your training and see if it is a good fit for you, too.

So go HERE and get started.  

PS —  Bullet points from my  post…..

  • You can’t start any business without start-up and on-going costs
  • You need to have products, services, or training to sell — either you create your own or you pay someone else to sell theirs.
  • You need to have an advertising budget with any business–offline or online
  • You don’t need to know anything about the business — you just need to have the “whatever it takes” attitude.  I was determined that I was going to learn and make this work for me just like others have done.
  • If you dont’ like to sell, be sure to find a company with a professional phone team who will make sells for you.
  • Enjoy your journey and I can’t wait to see you get your first message that says, “Congratulations!  You just made an $8,000 commission today!”  Talk about doing your happy dance!  I can see you dancing now!
  • Kick those annoying  doubts and fears out of your head.  We all had them and we all had to just get over it. The best way to eliminate them is just to take action!!! 
  • Don’t procrastinate….you are missing our on getting results and results mean money in your pocket

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What Would Happen If Your Job Disappeared Tomorrow?

Most people ask the question, “What am I going to do?” after they lose a job.

The time to be asking that question is before you lose a job; not after.

In the 60’s people built bomb shelters with the threat of the Cold War. They built them in anticipation of “What if…?”   Waiting to build a bomb shelter after a bomb had been dropped would have been too late. They were prepared for the worst case scenario.  Thank goodness that scenario never played out.

My hope is the same for you.  That your scenario of your job disappearing tomorrow wlll never come to fruition.

But…..there are no guarantees.  So, my question is “What is your plan in case  your job disappeared tomorrow?”

Most people don’t have one. They simple continue to struggle with their income not keeping up with the cost of living and just hoping that their job will always be there.

Most people probably never think about what they would do today if their job suddenly disappeared tomorrow.  It’s almost the mentality that it may happen to someone else but not to me.  The reality is that it could happen to anyone at anytime.  It does not matter if you are in the public or private sector.  Job security is a thing of the past.

So what do I recommend that you do?  Plan, plan, plan.  Plan for what if you walked into work tomorrow and you were told that you were no longer needed,   What would be your Plan B?  What options could you consider?  Just think about some of them.

Ask someone what they would do if they lost their job today and most would say they would go straight to the unemployment office which will help but it certainly won’t keep you at the standard of living you are accustomed to and then it’s limited.  So during that time what would you do?

  1. Get your resume in order and start job hunting
  2. Go back to school and re-invent yourself with a new skill

So, let’s say you are successful.  You are able to re-invent yourself or find another job.

When will the cycle end?  When will the next layoff occur. The problem with these choices is that it keeps you in the same never-ending cycle.  Someone else always has the control over your income and your lifestyle.    Do you sometimes feel that you are like a hamster on its wheel.  It runs and runs,  goes around and around as fast as it can go but never really goes anywhere.

If I had it to do all over again, what would I do knowing what I know now?

I would start my own business while I worked my job.  But not just any business.  I would have a business that gives me freedom.  I would have an online business.

What kind of freedom do most people want?

Most people want freedom to live life on their own terms but they don’t want to do what it takes for that to happen.  Most people would tell you their ideal life is to be able to do what they  wanted to do when they wanted to do it and for money never to be an issue.

In today’s world that type of freedom is entirely possible.

People are creating their own wealth and not waiting for someone else to tell them how much they should be paid.   The Internet has changed many aspects of  how the world does business.     You can now work from anywhere in the world with just a computer (or even a smart phone) and an Internet connection.   Something that would not require be to be anywhere at any particular time for money to flow–That is what real freedom is all about.

With the Internet, you can virtually start your home business today and have customers all over the world by tomorrow.

With the Internet, your resources are limitless.   Your potential is infinite.

You may ask,   “How do I start an online business?”

Well, there are some questions you must ask yourself. You must determine what you want to do.

  1. Do you want to sell your own products?
  2. Do you want to sell someone else’s products (become an affiliate)
    1. Do you become an affiliate for low-cost products (with low-end commissions)
    2. Do you become an affiliate for top-tier products (with high-end commissions)
  3. Do you have a service that you can provide online?
  4. Do you have training that you can provide online?

It doesn’t matter if you are in the online world or the offline world, the only way people make money is if someone gives it to them in exchange for a product, a service, or training.

Think of when you give money to people offline.  The

  • You buy a product. You go to a retail store and you buy something tangible, like shoes, and you give the clerk money.
  • You buy a service. You go to the dentist and have your teeth cleaned and you give the dentist money (and a lot of it!)
  • You pay for an institution to teach you to become a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer (education/training)

It works the same way online….except now people are giving YOU  money for either  your product, your service, or your training.

Building a business whether online or offline take time, patience and a lot of creativity.  Give yourself a least two years to get established in your online business and be making the kind of money you want to make.    You can’t treat it like a hobby; you must treat it like a business.

But don’t wait until you no longer have a job to get started.  Think what your life would look like if you had even a few hundred dollars extra a month.  Then think about what your life would look like if you had a few thousand dollars extra a month or even tens of thousands of dollars extra each month.

These are real possibilities!

The way that I began my Internet Marketing business or as some refer to it as an Online Marketing business is by first finding a product to promote.  If you are looking for a program with products already created for you and one where you can earn top tier commissions, I highly recommend that you check out  the 21-STEP MTTB System

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What People Say About The Home Business Summit

I just want to share with you what a few of my friends have said about The Home Business Summit.

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Here is me at my very first Home Business Summit in Long Beach, CA, June 2013

HBS me  with arrow June 2013
Here I am at my First Home Business Summit in June 20


HBS Melissa
My Friend Melissa
HBS Mike
Mike Morin is a sweetheart!
HBS Ferdaus
Ferdaus is amazing…don’t judge anyone by their clothing!
HBS John Chow
John Chow is a world famous blogger
HBS Michael
Michael is well known figure in the Internet Marketing Industry
HBS Eileen
Eillen is wiser beyond her years!
HBS Carolina
Carolina is amazing!
HBS me
Of course, me!

HBS Titanium

Unlikely friends…but entrepreneurial mindset connects you beyond anything else!
HBS Platinum
At Costa Rica!
Costa Rica Tuesday 041
Who would’ve “thunk” that we are friends!
Platinum Mastermind 043
Of course, we take time to eat!

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