What Is The One Thing Holding Your Success?

This One Thing Was Stopping My Success

Have you ever thought that most of the time it is just one thing that is keeping you from the level of success that you want to achieve.

We all have dreams. What is your dream? What is holding you back from achieving your dream?

Think about what your ideal day would look like if money were not an object.

Are you taking action to move towards your dream.

This weekend at The Home Business Summit, I realized there was one thing that was stopping me from reaching the level of success that I wanted.

I share that with you on this two-minute video.

Have you ever thought about the one thing that is holding you back?

I would love to hear about your dreams and what you think might be keeping you from achieving those dreams.

Happy to Share What Was Holding Me Back!


How To Lose Weight and Make Money Online

Have you ever thought about how losing weight can help you make money. Let’s take a look at how that works.

Let’s just say that you wan to or rather you absolutely must los 20 pounds in a month. Your life depends on it.

Typically, you will fall into one of these three categories.
1.You sit around just wishing you could lose 20 pounds in a month doing nothing to make it happen.

2.You research and find a really good weight loss program and you buy it. Then, you find a really good personal trainer at the gym and you go join. You do nothing with it. You sit around wondering why you haven’t lost weight. After all you bought the program and you signed up with a personal trainer at the gym.

3.You research and find a really good weight loss program and you buy it. Then, you find a really good personal trainer at the gym and you go join. You start on the weight loss program immediately and you call the trainer and you get your appointments all set up. You are taking massive action. You are ready to drop those 20 pounds!

Which one is going to reach their goals?

Of course, the person who bought the weight loss program and signed up with a trainer, and started taking massive action. That person is DETERMINED that 20 pounds is going to come off no matter what!

Pretty much, it is the same way with making money online.

1.You sit around just wishing that you could make $5000, $10,000 or even $50,000 a month online.

2.You research and you find a really good program that will teach you what you need to do to start making money online. You find someone that can coach you through the process to get you started. You do nothing and you wonder why you are not making any money online. After all, you bought a program and you have a coach to guide you to success.

3.You research and find a really good program that will teach you what you need to do to start making money online. You find someone that can coach you through the process to get you started. You set your goals. You start following the program. You stay in communication with you coach. You take massive action to reach your goals. After all, you know what you have to do to make that $K, $10, or even $50K a month. You are unstoppable!

You see, it’s not a matter of a program or a coach, whether it is weight loss or making money online.

The most important part of the success equation is YOU taking massive action!

==> Will you make mistakes? Yes
==> Will you sometimes want to quit? Yes
==> Will you get frustrated? Yes

Do You Stop? No

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you let frustration, mistakes, and setbacks get in your way and you stop moving forward to your goals, you will never succeed.

Let’s say that I messed up one day and I ate a whole box of brownies (Mmmm. I love brownies and I could do it!), does that mean that I qui trying to reach my goal to lose 20 pounds. For some, yes. They will quit because that one setback will have them saying, “I can’t do this, it’s just too hard.”

The only way that you will NEVER lose weight is if you quit! So don’t quit!

The same is true with making money online. (and I do love this, too!) I have a week and nothing seems to be happening. I pay for advertisement and it looks like no sales came from it. Do I quit? NO!

The only way you will NEVER make any money online is if you quit. So don’t quit!

Now, if you are wanting to lose weight, go find a program and go join a gym and take massive action!

Now, if you are wanting to make money online, just click HERE right now because what you will get (and it is $49–so yes, it will cost) is

***a 21-step system that will show you exactly step by step what you need to do to start making $100K a year
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Is It Going to Cost Me Anything?

This is probably the biggest question that people ask when they get started in any online business. They want to know, “Is it going to cost me anything to get into this business?”

The short answer, “Of course. It costs to get started in any business.”

It does help to remember that when you get into online marketing or Internet marketing, you are in a real business with a real business model..Stay with me now.

Think about this.

The only way you make money doing anything–whether you are offline or online–is to sell something! You are selling services, products, or information.

Did you know that according to Amazon, the top selling products all deal with selling “Information!” People are looking for information. We all want to know “how to” do something. So you are selling people “how to” make money online–it’s an information product. Doesn’t it make sense that if the top selling products on Amazon are those that provide information, that you would be smart to get into the “information” selling business.

That’s what most online businesses do–They sell information on “how to” — You may want to know “How To Make Money Online,” “How To Create a Facebook Ad,” “How To Make A You Tube Video,” “How To” goes on and on. If you know how to do something and there are people out there who want to know how to do it, too, then guess what? You have an informational product that you can sell online!

Start Up Cost Comparisons

Franchise Business.

To start up a franchise business can cost you anywhere from $100,000 to close to a million depending on which franchise you want to buy. Then think about all the other costs that go along with starting a Franchise business. PLUS the headaches of having employees. If they don’t show up to work, then you may find yourself working 12 hours 7 days a week at least. High cost and lots of problems with employees

Create Your Own Company

What if you decided to start your own craft store in your local mall. Would it cost you anything? You would have start-up cost with getting a cash register, furnishings, and, of course, if you are going to sell crafts, you have to buy somebody else’s crafts to sell or create your own crafts to sell. You can’t open up a store without something to sell. This can cost you thousands plus tie up all your time. Again, you will need employees unless you are going to work 24/7 and never take time off. And then, get ready for employee headaches!

Start Your Online Business by Selling Yours or Someone Else’s Products”

So your start-up cost in selling information comes down to acquiring the information to sell. You can come up with your own informational products. If you do, you will have the cost to develop them and to set up how you are going to take money and deal with support to your customers.

If you don’t want to take the time to create your own products, then, what you want to purchase somebody else’s products to sell. That’s what I do because I prefer to move FAST and to get connected with someone who has already set things up will put me and you on the FAST track.

Of course, if you go this route, you have start-up cost of purchasing the products you want to sell. It’s always easier to sell a product that you actually own–not to mention, the integrity factor. Why would you sell somebody else something that you are not willing to invest in yourself.

Make sure any products you purchase to sell have value and that it is something that people are wanting to learn how to do. How much your start-up cost is depends on what type of commissions you want to make. Typically, the lower cost the product, the less the commission.

Think for a minute about selling products or services.

Personally, I prefer to sell products that are higher ticket because I would prefer to make $1K, $3K, or $5K commissions over making $10,$25, or even $100 per sale. Just think–it takes the same amount of work to sell a $10 product as it does to sell a $2,000 product. So if I am going to spend a couple of hours doing what will bring about a sale, I might as well make a high commission. Always look for what will give you the most money for the least amount of work!

By the way, the information business I am in is called My Online Business Empire and I teach people how to make money online. The first thing I introduce people to is a 21-step program that is called My Top Tier Business. It takes you from beginning to end on what you need to do to make $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions with just one sale. The best thing about it is that the phone team actually makes the sales for you. That’s awesome!

If you would like to get started, you can get the 21-step program that will teach you everything you need to know about how to make $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions without ever having to pick up the phone!

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What is the Titanium Mastermind Event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo_001I am so excited that the end of September I will be spending 4 days and 5 nights in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at this beautiful Sheraton Resort attending a Mastermind Event. Just keep reading to find out what all I will be doing.

This will be the first time that I will be going out of the United States.  Yes, I live a pretty sheltered life.

The reason I am going to Cabo is that I have earned this trip as a Titanium Mastermind Partner with M.O.B.E. ( Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire).  Because I am a Titanium partner, I have this trip all expenses paid for TWO from the time we arrive at the airport until the time we leave the airport coming back home.   That means our room is paid for, all our food and drinks are paid for, and all our excursions are paid for.  I can leave my wallet in the hotel room once I get there.  In fact, Matt has rented out the entire resort as there are over 200 people from all over the world attending this event.

Now you may be wondering what we will be doing?

Marketing training with some of the most admired in the marketing arena.

Here are a few of them.  Click on their name and learn more about who they are.

Joe Sugarman
James Schrampko
Mike Hill
Larry Benet
Mike Koenigs
Lisa Grossman
Curtis Broome
Dave Van Hoose

The neat thing about this is that we are also going to be playing side by side with these millionaires.  Here are some of the activities you may see us doing…and it’s all paid for by Matt Lloyd.

Horseback riding on the beach
Jetskiing and other watersports
Sunset Cruises
Beach Buggies
Zip lining
Polaris RZR’s on the beach

Coming in 2014, I will be on an all expense paid trip to Costa Rica for a Platinum Mastermind.  More about that as it gets closer.

To get on your way and get started in your online business,  CLICK HERE to get started for just $49 or just to check it out!

Talk soon.

How To Stop Getting Unwanted Emails

No emailsIf you are like me, you have put your email address and sometimes your name in many times in order to get something for free.

When you do that, you get on somebody’s list.  It may be okay for a little while and then you get tired of getting their emails because you really are not interested in what they are doing or trying to sell you.

Some people will just hit the “Spam” button or “Complaint” button but that is really not fair because you did give them your email after all.

The remedy:  Get off Their List Nicely

You can find out how, by watching my short video.  The link is below.


Happy to Help You Get Off Unwanted Email Lists….

P S — If you want to find out about the program I use to make money online  and how it works, just click on the link below.  You don’t even have to give me an email address!!



Well, how do you do that.

I made a short video that shows you how to “nicely” get off a list so you will no longer receive emails from that person.

Corporate America and Babe Ruth

What I’m about to share with you, 99% of corporate America doesn’t understand.
They just don’t get it.  If you make a mistake in most jobs today, you’re reprimanded, criticized by others, maybe even fired.  Now I’m not talking about doing something stupid like stealing from the company, or making the mistake of never showing up on time.

I’m talking about maybe trying out a new idea, testing new waters, implementing a new strategy in the business etc…  Try something or suggest something just once, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s all “I told you so” or “I knew that would never work” — “what a stupid idea”  and so on…

But think about this for a sec.  Babe Ruth, the famous Baseball player, was known as the baseball’s home-run king.  I mean he could pound’em out into the bleachers!  But…He was also known as the “strike-out” king.

Now could you imagine that if every time Babe struck out that the coaches and teammates would start analyzing his swing and giving him instant feedback?  Or could you imagine Babe getting so sad about his strike-out that the next time at the plate, he would just go for a bunt, or swing halfheartedly, or maybe even give up?  No!! He would simply learn from the strikeout, focus on the next pitch, and swing for the bleachers again.

Listen up, don’t let ANY of YOUR failures or strikeouts hold you back.  They’re simply learning and growth opportunities.  Do not give up!

Every great success that you hear about is riddled with failures and challenges of all sorts. But trust me, when you swing for the fences every-time? Eventually, you WILL GET A HOME-RUN!  And the benefits from that will far outweigh any struggle that you’ve went through.

Struggles are like the steps to success. You have to walk them to get to your destination.  Ooh, I just wrote that! That’s a quotable right there! lol…

Anyway, if you’re still swinging for the fences, I’d like to show you a NEW program that a lot of people are hitting big home-runs with.


Welcome to Follow Deborah.Com!

Welcome to Follow Deborah.com where you will see and learn everything I am doing to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in online marketing.

If you are like most people, you have probably tried to  make money online before and just were not successful.  Well, I am here to tell you that it is not your fault.

All the gurus have all their shiny objects and they are trying to reel you into their next best thing.  Well, I am here to sort all that out for you and help you along the way.

Why would I do that?  Well, it’s simple–it sure would have been nice if someone had been there to help me when I first started online.  I tried for about a year and then quit.  I was buying every product that was thrown at me just hoping it would do the trick for me.  All it did was just get me confused…..UNTIL…. a guy by the name of Matt Lloyd came along.

Matt was not like all the other marketers and this is why…

  • He was not all “hypey!”
  • He said upfront that online marketing was hard work
  • He struggle for about three years before he made his first million
  • He understands the struggles and frustration of those who are “new” to the Internet Marketing world.
  • He does everything he can to help us cut the learning curve and make money fast.

In fact, he set up My Top Tier Program to help those who are “new” get a fast start and this is what My Top Tier Business is….

  • It’s a 21-step system (you can do up to 3 steps a day if you like)
  • You are given a personal coach who is a 6-figure earner who helps you along the way
  • You are guaranteed to make $1000 after 30 days you complete the program or get paid $500
  • You get a 30-day traffic plan after the 21 step program (This is HUGE!!!) and you get a traffic coach to help you!

It’s basically holding your hand and taking you through each step to make sure you have everything you need for success.

It’s $49 to get you started….in fact, you can watch this video I made right  NOW.

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