Will the Real You Tube Media Giant Please Stand Up

With over 1 billion unique visitors a month, it’s safe to say that YouTube is one of the top social media giants, along with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  But what is YouTube and how did it become the most popular site in the world for free videos?

A Bit Of History

YouTube was actually founded by a couple of former PayPal employees back in 2005!  Growing more frustrated about not having a simple method for uploading and sharing their videos online, founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley began developing an idea for a simple website that could deliver this to anyone with an internet connection.

Fueling off the growing phenomena of online information sharing, YouTube not only satisfied the desire to view and share free videos, but it gave people a user-friendly platform to communicate via video blogs, original stop-motion animations, students shorts, and so much more.  Plus, it didn’t take long for YouTube to become a vital source for sharing important news stories from around the world and free marketing opportunities.

Toward the end of 2006 YouTube was acquired by the #1 search engine in the world, Google, for a staggering 1.65 million dollars!  As a Google subsidiary, YouTube continues to reign supreme as the top video sharing site online, despite growing competition from Instagram, Vine, and Vimeo.

The Global Connection

People use social media first and foremost to connect, whether they’re checking in with old friends, trying to make brand new ones, or reaching out to potential customers from a across the globe.  And for nearly 13 years, YouTube has played a significant role in online global communication.

Available in over 60 different languages, YouTube is now localized is 58 countries worldwide.  And its rapid fire popularity abroad isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  According to the company, nearly 70% of all their current web traffic is attributed to users outside the U.S!

Enjoy You Tube!

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