Is It Going to Cost Me Anything?

This is probably the biggest question that people ask when they get started in any online business. They want to know, “Is it going to cost me anything to get into this business?”

The short answer, “Of course. It costs to get started in any business.”

It does help to remember that when you get into online marketing or Internet marketing, you are in a real business with a real business model..Stay with me now.

Think about this.

The only way you make money doing anything–whether you are offline or online–is to sell something! You are selling services, products, or information.

Did you know that according to Amazon, the top selling products all deal with selling “Information!” People are looking for information. We all want to know “how to” do something. So you are selling people “how to” make money online–it’s an information product. Doesn’t it make sense that if the top selling products on Amazon are those that provide information, that you would be smart to get into the “information” selling business.

That’s what most online businesses do–They sell information on “how to” — You may want to know “How To Make Money Online,” “How To Create a Facebook Ad,” “How To Make A You Tube Video,” “How To” goes on and on. If you know how to do something and there are people out there who want to know how to do it, too, then guess what? You have an informational product that you can sell online!

Start Up Cost Comparisons

Franchise Business.

To start up a franchise business can cost you anywhere from $100,000 to close to a million depending on which franchise you want to buy. Then think about all the other costs that go along with starting a Franchise business. PLUS the headaches of having employees. If they don’t show up to work, then you may find yourself working 12 hours 7 days a week at least. High cost and lots of problems with employees

Create Your Own Company

What if you decided to start your own craft store in your local mall. Would it cost you anything? You would have start-up cost with getting a cash register, furnishings, and, of course, if you are going to sell crafts, you have to buy somebody else’s crafts to sell or create your own crafts to sell. You can’t open up a store without something to sell. This can cost you thousands plus tie up all your time. Again, you will need employees unless you are going to work 24/7 and never take time off. And then, get ready for employee headaches!

Start Your Online Business by Selling Yours or Someone Else’s Products”

So your start-up cost in selling information comes down to acquiring the information to sell. You can come up with your own informational products. If you do, you will have the cost to develop them and to set up how you are going to take money and deal with support to your customers.

If you don’t want to take the time to create your own products, then, what you want to purchase somebody else’s products to sell. That’s what I do because I prefer to move FAST and to get connected with someone who has already set things up will put me and you on the FAST track.

Of course, if you go this route, you have start-up cost of purchasing the products you want to sell. It’s always easier to sell a product that you actually own–not to mention, the integrity factor. Why would you sell somebody else something that you are not willing to invest in yourself.

Make sure any products you purchase to sell have value and that it is something that people are wanting to learn how to do. How much your start-up cost is depends on what type of commissions you want to make. Typically, the lower cost the product, the less the commission.

Think for a minute about selling products or services.

Personally, I prefer to sell products that are higher ticket because I would prefer to make $1K, $3K, or $5K commissions over making $10,$25, or even $100 per sale. Just think–it takes the same amount of work to sell a $10 product as it does to sell a $2,000 product. So if I am going to spend a couple of hours doing what will bring about a sale, I might as well make a high commission. Always look for what will give you the most money for the least amount of work!

By the way, the information business I am in is called My Online Business Empire and I teach people how to make money online. The first thing I introduce people to is a 21-step program that is called My Top Tier Business. It takes you from beginning to end on what you need to do to make $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions with just one sale. The best thing about it is that the phone team actually makes the sales for you. That’s awesome!

If you would like to get started, you can get the 21-step program that will teach you everything you need to know about how to make $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions without ever having to pick up the phone!

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Deborah is a former teacher who has a passion for sharing with others to help them live a life of achievement, adventure, and abundance. When she retired from teaching, she knew she wanted to do something from home but she did not want to do home parties, have regular hours, or have to spend hours trying to sell something! She tried for a year to get online with absolutely no success so she quit. Then in the fall of 2012, she decided to give it another go. The difference this time was her mindset. She was unstoppable and knew that the only way she would never make any money is if she quit. The difference came when she found Matt Lloyd and My Top Tier Business! To find out more about the program that turned failure into success, just click here.

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