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What To Do With These ADS and CAPTURE PAGES

Below this text, there are 41 “real” Facebook ads and the corresponding capture page beside each ad. You should critique each as follows:

1.   Is the ad aligned with the latest Facebook rules and regulations?  (Facebook is always changing so before you spend a lot on Facebook advertising, you want to be sure you are within the guidelines)

2.  Does the ad (all ads are on the left side) and the capture page (to the right of the ad) congruent.

3.  Does the ad get your attention?

4.  Is the ad so irresistible that you must click on the ad to see where it takes you?

5.  Does the capture page make it easy to get the information they are looking for from the viewer?

6.  Would you put your email address in that capture page?

Always look at Facebook ads from the view of the buyer.  Find an ad and a capture page you like and then mimic your own ad and capture page.


Never copy verbatim someone else’s ad.  Always make it your own. Scroll down to see the ads……