From ZERO to $200,000 and What It Took

These are words from the heart of Zach Crawford.…who just received his $100,000 ring from Matt Lloyd (he has made over $200,000) in commissions using MTTB.

I remember the day I came into this business and I seen everyone who was making incredible amounts of money

I was completely blown away by what’s possible and the incredible amounts of money people made.

I remember thinking how amazing it would be and what it would be like one day to provide my family a nice lifestyle and have lots of money in the bank.

I got excited and was super excited about starting a business and then…..
during the process I went through the school of hard knocks. I bounced around like most people often do in this industry, bought lots of products and failed over and over again.

Eventually I learned how the business worked, I learned how important it was to surround myself with higher level people and to learn by doing.

Today I received a ring for recognition of doing $200,000 in commissions.
Really the ring is not what I’m writing to you about today.

Instead I want you to stretch your vision, to think bigger and demand more for yourself.

If you have a dream, if you have a desire to do more, to achieve more and to live your purpose then don’t let anyone come in the way of that goal.

I knew early on if someone else could do it, then so can I.

Now once I get home from the Bahamas do you think I’m going to take a break and say I made it?

Nope, I’m now on a mission to do 1 million in commissions to get the million dollar ring.

It’s not because I want a flashy ring because truth be told I’m not really the type of guy who wears rings or a rolex.

It’s a symbol of success, a symbol of the hard work you put in and how far you can stretch yourself to achieve more.

The only thing that separates me from you is just a few things.

Desire– You HAVE to want to succeed more than anything else you do. It needs to be your burning desire.

Consistency– If you want to reach a certain level of success you have to stay in the game and remain consistent.
Successful people don’t just do things when they want to or when they feel good. They do them because they know the little things now will all add up to a big thing later.

Work ethic- Don’t be fooled by thinking you will get rich overnight. To build a successful business it takes hard work, but it’s totally worth it.

Sacrifice now and reap massive results later.

Passion- If you’re not doing what you love then you’re wasting your time.
For me I enjoy helping other people. I stumbled into this whole internet marketing thing originally because I wanted to make money, but I found my passion in helping others.

The more I help others the more money I make with all of my online businesses.

Have fun– Don’t get so hung up on making money that you forget to have fun.

Learn to love marketing and enjoy the process of learning. I’m a giant sponge.
I love every minute of this and the more I learn the better.

If you’re not having fun you will not go very far.

So if you’re just getting started, you’re struggling or you’re trying to gain traction in your business I will leave you with this…..

You have your breakthrough moment when you decide to become successful.

Then you find the vehicle(business model) and you combine that with surrounding yourself with the right people and higher level marketers and things start to get fun.

If you’re not getting to events because you don’t have the money, don’t think it’s needed or you think it’s not worth it then it’s time you change your thinking.

Find the money, leave the ego at the door and get to events to start learning and surrounding yourself with the right people.

I found my vehicle(Mobe) and now I will be working on scaling this to the Million dollar level.

Stretch your mind to whats possible for you and you will truly amaze yourself.

Zach Crawford

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Deborah Robertson

Deborah is a former teacher who has a passion for sharing with others to help them live a life of achievement, adventure, and abundance. When she retired from teaching, she knew she wanted to do something from home but she did not want to do home parties, have regular hours, or have to spend hours trying to sell something! She tried for a year to get online with absolutely no success so she quit. Then in the fall of 2012, she decided to give it another go. The difference this time was her mindset. She was unstoppable and knew that the only way she would never make any money is if she quit. The difference came when she found Matt Lloyd and My Top Tier Business! To find out more about the program that turned failure into success, just click here.

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