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Welcome to Follow Deborah.com where you will see and learn everything I am doing to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in online marketing.

If you are like most people, you have probably tried to  make money online before and just were not successful.  Well, I am here to tell you that it is not your fault.

All the gurus have all their shiny objects and they are trying to reel you into their next best thing.  Well, I am here to sort all that out for you and help you along the way.

Why would I do that?  Well, it’s simple–it sure would have been nice if someone had been there to help me when I first started online.  I tried for about a year and then quit.  I was buying every product that was thrown at me just hoping it would do the trick for me.  All it did was just get me confused…..UNTIL…. a guy by the name of Matt Lloyd came along.

Matt was not like all the other marketers and this is why…

  • He was not all “hypey!”
  • He said upfront that online marketing was hard work
  • He struggle for about three years before he made his first million
  • He understands the struggles and frustration of those who are “new” to the Internet Marketing world.
  • He does everything he can to help us cut the learning curve and make money fast.

In fact, he set up My Top Tier Program to help those who are “new” get a fast start and this is what My Top Tier Business is….

  • It’s a 21-step system (you can do up to 3 steps a day if you like)
  • You are given a personal coach who is a 6-figure earner who helps you along the way
  • You are guaranteed to make $1000 after 30 days you complete the program or get paid $500
  • You get a 30-day traffic plan after the 21 step program (This is HUGE!!!) and you get a traffic coach to help you!

It’s basically holding your hand and taking you through each step to make sure you have everything you need for success.

It’s $49 to get you started….in fact, you can watch this video I made right  NOW.

===>Watch Video Now

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Deborah Robertson

Deborah is a former teacher who has a passion for sharing with others to help them live a life of achievement, adventure, and abundance. When she retired from teaching, she knew she wanted to do something from home but she did not want to do home parties, have regular hours, or have to spend hours trying to sell something! She tried for a year to get online with absolutely no success so she quit. Then in the fall of 2012, she decided to give it another go. The difference this time was her mindset. She was unstoppable and knew that the only way she would never make any money is if she quit. The difference came when she found Matt Lloyd and My Top Tier Business! To find out more about the program that turned failure into success, just click here. http://deborah-robertson.com/get-started-today

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