Home Business Summit – They Said What?

I attended the Atlanta Home Business Summit and provided training on Facebook Marketing. While at the Home Business Summit in Atlanta, I decided that I would do some impromptu interviewing of five of the attendees.

You can see all five interviews below.

Now remember, these were impromptu and this is not a professional video-taped interview.  It was just me with smart phone and a lapel microphone that I held in my hand.  I just wanted some feedback.

Click HERE to watch all five videos.  To watch all of them is no more than about 10 minutes.

Be sure to watch them all.  It may help you decide if you want to attend our next Home Business Summit.

Details of our next Home Business Summit can be found HERE





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Deborah is a former teacher who has a passion for sharing with others to help them live a life of achievement, adventure, and abundance. When she retired from teaching, she knew she wanted to do something from home but she did not want to do home parties, have regular hours, or have to spend hours trying to sell something! She tried for a year to get online with absolutely no success so she quit. Then in the fall of 2012, she decided to give it another go. The difference this time was her mindset. She was unstoppable and knew that the only way she would never make any money is if she quit. The difference came when she found Matt Lloyd and My Top Tier Business! To find out more about the program that turned failure into success, just click here. http://deborah-robertson.com/get-started-today

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