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What is a Pattern Interrupt and When Do You Need One?

A pattern interrupt can be one that occur either intentionally or unintentionally.  They can move your forwards or move you backwards.  They can make you happy or make  you sad. We have no control over pattern interrupts in our lives such as when a loved one passes, but we can intentionally create a pattern interrupt to take us from a sad place to a happier place regardless of the circumstances. People are always creating pattern interrupts and may not realize it.  For instance, a decision to go to the gym and get a membership and start working out is a pattern interrupt.  It occurs because someone has gotten tired of being unhealthy or out of shape and decides to interrupt that pattern of “not working out” or “not eating healthy.” Why I Need a Pattern Interrupt Right Now? You see I used to walk about 4 – 6 miles at least 5 days a week.  Now, I am not walking any.  I am finding that I am snacking on a lot more candy since I quit walking.  I feel that my clothes are tighter. I definitely need a pattern interrupt.  I need to change what I am doing– i.e., interrupt my current pattern with a new one. I set my clock for 6 a.m. to get up and go walk.  I’ve called my neighbor and we are going to walk together.  So, now I have to get up and go walk even if I don’t want to because she will be waiting on me.  So an accountability partner is always good when you need to create a pattern interrupt.... read more

My Latest Blog Posts

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Written by Deborah Robertson & Matt Lloyd

Written by Deborah Robertson and Matt Lloyd

What Others Say About Deborah Robertson

“I first met Deborah in a Mastermind in Costa Rica. She is a very approachable person and definitely a go getter. She is an ex school teacher so the way she impart her knowledge and expertise about the business to me were simple to understand and I am able to implement right away. She is also a published author, a great leader that doesn’t make excuses to get results. I highly recommend Deborah as she is definitely the one to listen to and follow if you want to do very well in your online business.” – Ernest Lim, Sydney Australia

Ernest Lim

Author of Leverage Income

“I have known Deborah Robertson for a year. Deborah is one of the hardest working people I know in this business. She has vision, courage, and is very personable. Deborah is a rising star. If you are seeking a mentor and a coach, Deborah can help you succeed as an entrepreneur in the internet marketing business. “ …Raena Lynn, Idaho, USA

Raena Lynn

Traffic Coach

“Deborah is a teacher both in profession and at heart.  She has taught me strategies that I have used to improve my sales funnel.  Because of her, I better understand how to use a follow up system and maximize it for conversions.  Her determination inspires me to keep going even when times are tough.  I’m so glad I have met her.  She has a lot of important things to teach people.” — Becca Barry, Texas United States

Becca Barry

Founder of Six Figures In Six Months

“I had the fortune to meet Deborah a couple of years ago. We were both in the same company and connected really quickly. I have always admired her drive to succeed, and how she doesn’t let anything stop her. She will always have something good to say and is always open to learn new things. Being a retired teacher herself, she’s also very good at teaching other people and transferring her knowledge. We have been able to connect personally at a few networking events, and it’s always a joy. So if you’re looking for a mentor, for someone to show you the way to success, then Deborah is the right person for you, go ahead and contact her, you won’t regret it!” – Carolina Millan, CEO CarolinaMillan.net, Speaker and Social Media and Personal Branding Consultant

Carolina Millan

Deborah is awesome!  She’s a former school teacher who now teaches average people how to make an above average income.  I had the good fortune to meet her in Costa Rica at a Matt Lloyd Platinum Mastermind event.  Then I went to Cancun Mexico and was VERY HAPPY to see her again.  I had the great opportunity to get to know this woman, so when I say ‘she is awesome’ — it’s a major understatement!  She is smart, determined and dedicated to helping people make huge sums of money in the MOBE opportunity.  Deborah brings so much to the table.  She’s a very rare person who loves helping people make tremendous sums of money.  Why not let her help you make all the money you want, need and desire?  Put her to the test.  You’ll be glad you did! —T.J. ROHLEDER aka; ‘The Blue Jeans Millionaire’

“I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah at our first Diamond Mastermind. Deborah recognized that I was having troubles understanding what to do on my computer and she came to my rescue several times. I would not have passed the test without her help. She is a great teacher and loves what she does.  I highly recommend Deborah to anyone who is considering a Coach….she is a good one…actually the best”–Frank J Torchia,  Florida

Frank Torchia

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