What Would Happen If Your Job Disappeared Tomorrow?

Most people ask the question, “What am I going to do?” after they lose a job.

The time to be asking that question is before you lose a job; not after.

In the 60’s people built bomb shelters with the threat of the Cold War. They built them in anticipation of “What if…?”   Waiting to build a bomb shelter after a bomb had been dropped would have been too late. They were prepared for the worst case scenario.  Thank goodness that scenario never played out.

My hope is the same for you.  That your scenario of your job disappearing tomorrow wlll never come to fruition.

But…..there are no guarantees.  So, my question is “What is your plan in case  your job disappeared tomorrow?”

Most people don’t have one. They simple continue to struggle with their income not keeping up with the cost of living and just hoping that their job will always be there.

Most people probably never think about what they would do today if their job suddenly disappeared tomorrow.  It’s almost the mentality that it may happen to someone else but not to me.  The reality is that it could happen to anyone at anytime.  It does not matter if you are in the public or private sector.  Job security is a thing of the past.

So what do I recommend that you do?  Plan, plan, plan.  Plan for what if you walked into work tomorrow and you were told that you were no longer needed,   What would be your Plan B?  What options could you consider?  Just think about some of them.

Ask someone what they would do if they lost their job today and most would say they would go straight to the unemployment office which will help but it certainly won’t keep you at the standard of living you are accustomed to and then it’s limited.  So during that time what would you do?

  1. Get your resume in order and start job hunting
  2. Go back to school and re-invent yourself with a new skill

So, let’s say you are successful.  You are able to re-invent yourself or find another job.

When will the cycle end?  When will the next layoff occur. The problem with these choices is that it keeps you in the same never-ending cycle.  Someone else always has the control over your income and your lifestyle.    Do you sometimes feel that you are like a hamster on its wheel.  It runs and runs,  goes around and around as fast as it can go but never really goes anywhere.

If I had it to do all over again, what would I do knowing what I know now?

I would start my own business while I worked my job.  But not just any business.  I would have a business that gives me freedom.  I would have an online business.

What kind of freedom do most people want?

Most people want freedom to live life on their own terms but they don’t want to do what it takes for that to happen.  Most people would tell you their ideal life is to be able to do what they  wanted to do when they wanted to do it and for money never to be an issue.

In today’s world that type of freedom is entirely possible.

People are creating their own wealth and not waiting for someone else to tell them how much they should be paid.   The Internet has changed many aspects of  how the world does business.     You can now work from anywhere in the world with just a computer (or even a smart phone) and an Internet connection.   Something that would not require be to be anywhere at any particular time for money to flow–That is what real freedom is all about.

With the Internet, you can virtually start your home business today and have customers all over the world by tomorrow.

With the Internet, your resources are limitless.   Your potential is infinite.

You may ask,   “How do I start an online business?”

Well, there are some questions you must ask yourself. You must determine what you want to do.

  1. Do you want to sell your own products?
  2. Do you want to sell someone else’s products (become an affiliate)
    1. Do you become an affiliate for low-cost products (with low-end commissions)
    2. Do you become an affiliate for top-tier products (with high-end commissions)
  3. Do you have a service that you can provide online?
  4. Do you have training that you can provide online?

It doesn’t matter if you are in the online world or the offline world, the only way people make money is if someone gives it to them in exchange for a product, a service, or training.

Think of when you give money to people offline.  The

  • You buy a product. You go to a retail store and you buy something tangible, like shoes, and you give the clerk money.
  • You buy a service. You go to the dentist and have your teeth cleaned and you give the dentist money (and a lot of it!)
  • You pay for an institution to teach you to become a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer (education/training)

It works the same way online….except now people are giving YOU  money for either  your product, your service, or your training.

Building a business whether online or offline take time, patience and a lot of creativity.  Give yourself a least two years to get established in your online business and be making the kind of money you want to make.    You can’t treat it like a hobby; you must treat it like a business.

But don’t wait until you no longer have a job to get started.  Think what your life would look like if you had even a few hundred dollars extra a month.  Then think about what your life would look like if you had a few thousand dollars extra a month or even tens of thousands of dollars extra each month.

These are real possibilities!

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Deborah Robertson

Deborah is a former teacher who has a passion for sharing with others to help them live a life of achievement, adventure, and abundance. When she retired from teaching, she knew she wanted to do something from home but she did not want to do home parties, have regular hours, or have to spend hours trying to sell something! She tried for a year to get online with absolutely no success so she quit. Then in the fall of 2012, she decided to give it another go. The difference this time was her mindset. She was unstoppable and knew that the only way she would never make any money is if she quit. The difference came when she found Matt Lloyd and My Top Tier Business! To find out more about the program that turned failure into success, just click here. http://deborah-robertson.com/get-started-today

2 thoughts on “What Would Happen If Your Job Disappeared Tomorrow?”

  1. Awesome post Deborah!

    Totally agree on many of the points you raised. Lucky for me I realized this a little sooner and have already started on the journey to build my own business.

    I’ve tried high-ticket licensing with some level of success and now I’ve added on my own product which is a digital marketing mentoring program helping people to get more leads, more sales and more traffic.

    Deborah is a solid entrepreneur in this space as well
    and I look forward to learning from you too coz there’s always new things to learn and new things to try

    Keep inspiring us on this journey Deborah, sure we all can learn a lot from you too. 🙂

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