What People Say About The Home Business Summit

I just want to share with you what a few of my friends have said about The Home Business Summit.

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Here is me at my very first Home Business Summit in Long Beach, CA, June 2013

HBS me  with arrow June 2013
Here I am at my First Home Business Summit in June 20


HBS Melissa
My Friend Melissa
HBS Mike
Mike Morin is a sweetheart!
HBS Ferdaus
Ferdaus is amazing…don’t judge anyone by their clothing!
HBS John Chow
John Chow is a world famous blogger
HBS Michael
Michael is well known figure in the Internet Marketing Industry
HBS Eileen
Eillen is wiser beyond her years!
HBS Carolina
Carolina is amazing!
HBS me
Of course, me!

HBS Titanium

Unlikely friends…but entrepreneurial mindset connects you beyond anything else!
HBS Platinum
At Costa Rica!
Costa Rica Tuesday 041
Who would’ve “thunk” that we are friends!
Platinum Mastermind 043
Of course, we take time to eat!

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