Who Gets Left Behind?

The following posts is from my great friend, Shaqir.  He did such an eloquent job sharing his heart that I wanted to share it with you.  I have made some corrections in grammar.   I don’t think Shaq would mind.


Did you miss Titanium ? You gotta read this…

My appreciation message & a quick note : You know… don’t get left behind, you’ll know as you read this….

There was once a time when I  started my online business and my friends and family would make fun of me.  I was constantly in a state of overwhelm and struggle….

I would chase each new shiny opportunity, the latest whiz-bang thing of the week – until i made a commitment to get into “High Ticket”…

I had gone to an event after paying $2,000 for a program and then invested $20,000 of someone elses money to get into their highest level…

Because of that one decision right now I have now built various different million dollar businesses at the age of 26.

With MOBEIi’ve generated a cool $800,000 in commissions in around 8-9 months and the best thing is that “NEW. AVERAGE. NON GURU” people are finally creating a staggering income using MOBE…


TITANIUM WAS ONE OF THE BEST ( I don’t use profanity so removed)  EVENTS OF MY LIFE!!!

I’m sure this event was worth / is going to be worth around an EXTRA $1 MILLION alone for my business in the next 3-6 months…

I’ve made such great new connections, friends, relationships and joint ventures….

and I’m excited by all this, Matt’s vision to become a billion dollar company is real. He has the focus, drive and commitment to making it happen,

I want to encourage each and EVERY SINGLE one of you to be taking committed action to :

1) Getting positioned.
2) Getting to events.
3) Making it happen.

If you aren’t positioned to maximize your commissions, get in touch with your coaches today to see how they can help you get set up, talk to them about the NEW version of MOBE’s VISION and see what you can do….

Because MOBE is going places, and I am a CAPITALIST! (my insert here is that I am proud of being a capitalist because it allows people to take control of their own destiny and not depend on government!)

And with John Chow, Darren Salkeld, Bill & Michelle, Carolina and all the other top earners will be capitalising on this for the cashfloiw -for the education – for the investment – so i want to tell you this…


NOW IS THE TIME to step it up…

NOW IS THE TIME to create a game-plan…

NOW IS THE TIME to commit to being your best self…

NOW IS THE TIME to get ALL IN so you make more money in the next
12 months than you have in the last 12 years….

It’s time for you to own your power, your greatness, get paid what you truly deserve.  I met so many people having breakthroughs, enjoying amazing experiences, I was like a big kid in this waterpark.

I’m very grateful and blessed….

Matt Lloyd thanks for all you do. I know you are always striving to do the best you can…

Thank you.

Thanks to Laurel & Glynnis for the event organizations.

Big THANKS to some guys who are always grinding behind the scenes – the amazing, skillful, talented Phone Coaches Raena Lynn Drew Innes Tiji Thomas @Pierre Mike Lee Max Aria Jeremy Miner & everyone else…

Here’s a few cool pics – the HBS London event is confirmed – will post details later….


I hope you enjoyed reading those words from Shaq.  I chose to post them because Shaq said it so well and it is so true.

If you are ready to get started right now, there are two ways.

1.  Go ahead and start the 21 steps to learning how to make top tier commissions….$1K,  $3K and $5K — You could have one buyer and from that one buyer in one day, you could earn $9,000.  How would your life changed if you made $9000 in one day?

No worries either because not only do you get the 21 steps that are easy to follow, you also get your own personal coach to help you set up your business PLUS you get a phone team working for you to make those $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions for you.  You never have to call anybody!   I am NOT a salesman and that is what I love about MOBE.  I don’t have to cold call anyone or bug my family and friends.  I just advertise online and let the system work for me.

Matt treats his business partners very, very well! — especially those who are serious.

LEARN MORE about My Top Tier Business — Oh, it’s only $49 to get started and it is 100% refundable if it is not a good fit for you.


2. Some people just want a little more information before they get started.  I co-authored a 71-page ebook with Matt Lloyd called “Online Profits Breakthrough.”  It has tons of information in it about making money online.  You can get this ebook for $9.95 and if you don’t think it is worth every bit of that, let me know and I will refund your money.

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