Why The Answer is Always “No”

The answer is  always NO…..

Question:  Can I start an online business without any start-up or ongoing costs? 

My Response:  Can you start a successful offline business without any start up costs?

A legitimate online business is just like an offline business, it takes start-up money.  I’m sorry but I really get tired of the question and to me, it is a no brainer.

Regardless whether you are offline or online with your business, you need to have products, services, or training to sell.  You either create your own or you license to sell someone else’s products, services, or training. 

If you don’t already have “something” you can sell online, it takes time to create.  Either way, expect to spend some money to get started.

After you have determined what you are going to sell, you need to advertise.  In an online business, just like with an offline business, you can use some free advertisement or you can use paid advertisement.  Now, which will get you money sooner in either business–paid advertisement.

So, when I get asked, “Can I do what you do without spending any money?”  The answer is NO. 

The thing is that  people wait until their situation is desperate to consider other options.  The time to consider other options is before you get desperate!  — before you  lose a job, before you retire, or  before you get furloughed.  You just need to get your Plan B! 

Plus, have you thought about retirement.  Getting started with an online business will certainly set you on the right path to having a passive and residual income stream when you retire.

I recommend that you go ahead and start working towards your online business.

I am a partner with a company that will provide that training and show you exactly what it takes to make $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions selling products.   The products that allow me to earn my biggest commissions are masterminds at exotic locations around the world. 

The funny thing is that I DON’T actually do the selling.  My company has a professional phone team that will contact my prospects for me and make those sales.  I just benefit by getting the commissions.  I work on my business everyday and I use both free and paid advertising methods.

You see if you are like me and don’t like to sell, then you need to be sure you connect with a company that has a phone team that will make sales for you!!!

I love this industry.  I have met some of the most amazing people from all over the world that I still stay in touch with today. 

Online marketing was never on my radar until 18 months  ago.  Since then, I have amazed myself at what I have learned and what I can do., and how much money I have made.   

You don’t have to know anything to get started.  I knew absolutely nothing about this industry when I got started. 

I just knew that people were successful and I had enough belief in myself that I can do anything with my “whatever it takes” attitude. 

If you have that same attitude , then I recommend you start your training and see if it is a good fit for you, too.

So go HERE and get started.  

PS —  Bullet points from my  post…..

  • You can’t start any business without start-up and on-going costs
  • You need to have products, services, or training to sell — either you create your own or you pay someone else to sell theirs.
  • You need to have an advertising budget with any business–offline or online
  • You don’t need to know anything about the business — you just need to have the “whatever it takes” attitude.  I was determined that I was going to learn and make this work for me just like others have done.
  • If you dont’ like to sell, be sure to find a company with a professional phone team who will make sells for you.
  • Enjoy your journey and I can’t wait to see you get your first message that says, “Congratulations!  You just made an $8,000 commission today!”  Talk about doing your happy dance!  I can see you dancing now!
  • Kick those annoying  doubts and fears out of your head.  We all had them and we all had to just get over it. The best way to eliminate them is just to take action!!! 
  • Don’t procrastinate….you are missing our on getting results and results mean money in your pocket

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